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Order/Shipping Information makes every effort to ship your order on a timely basis. The timeframe for shipping each product(s) are listed on the Product Information page of each individual product. If you should have any questions concerning shipping or delivery of an order, please contact us via email or phone: (see contact information for email and phone #).

How We Ship: ships all domestic & international orders via the United States Postal Service (USPS): Depending on what you order and it's weight, you may be offered either USPS First Class Mail Service or USPS Priority Mail service. If multiple shipping options are offered, your order will be shipped via your selection.

If your order qualifies you for free shipping, we will ship your order via USPS First Class Mail or USPS Priority Mail (our option).

When We Ship:

Your order will usually ship the same or next day as your order is received and paid. For those product(s) that indicate a shipment other than a same day as order, they will be shipped as indicated. If for any reason your order cannot ship as indicated, you will be contacted by us with shipment information.

Notification to you of Order Shipped:

Once your order is processed and a shipping label is created you will be sent an order confirmation indicating the ship date and how your package was shipped (First Class or Priority Mail. You will also receive a tracking number for your order.

It is your responsibility to track your package status via the USPS tracking site. .

Packages sent via USPS First Class Mail (US Addresses) usually take 7-10 business days to be delivered. Packages sent USPS First Class Mail International (Outside US) can take as long as 14-25 business days, depending on your location.

If you have not received your package within the above delivery time-frames, please contact us as soon as possible (but within 30 days from the expected delivery date) so we may follow up with the USPS on a timely basis to file a lost mail claim. If it is determined, by us, that your package was lost by the USPS we will re-ship your product(s) via the USPS by the method of our choice. We ask that in these cases you cooperate with us on any information that we might request in order to file a lost mail claim. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Shipping Costs:

If your order meets our requirements for free shipping, then you will not be charged any shipping costs for your order.

If your order does not meet our requirements for free shipping, then you will be charged a shipping fee for your order. The shipping fee (if any) will be included at the time of your order.

Package Delivery:

 Please realize that once your package is picked up by the USPS, it is no longer under our control. Many things can affect the delivery time of your package; weather, area issues or unforeseen events. Normal delivery times are as follows:

USPS First Class Mail (within US) usually 7-10 business days

USPS First Class Mail (outside US) usually 14-25 business days

USPS Priority Mail (within US) usually 2-5 business days - (Tracking information will be sent to you)

USPS Priority Mail (outside US) usually 5-8 business days-(Tracking information will be sent to you)

We cannot be responsible for damage to your package or its contents once it is picked up by the USPS.

It is your responsibility to check your package, once delivered, to make sure that the package and its contents arrived safely and with no damage to your product(s). If your package contents were damaged, as a result of shipping, you will need to submit a claim directly to the USPS. You can do this on-line via the USPS at:

It is advised that you keep all package material and content to substantiate your claim. We will gladly supply to you any documentation that the USPS requires to substantiate your claim, upon request. You should file, with the USPS directly, any damaged claim report within 30 days of your receipt of the package.

We appreciate your business and support. If you should have any questions about an order, even after it is picked up by the USPS, please contact us and we will make every effort to assist you in any way that we can.